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These are the most common questions we get. Before you contact us please check here for the answers to your questions.

How much do your puppies cost?

Our pomskies will range from $2500-$5000 depending on eye color, markings, size, conformation and coat quality.  We do not guarantee we will have the whole range of prices. For example if we have an entire litter with blue eyes they will all be in the upper half of the price range. 


What does the cost of a puppy include?

All our puppies will be up to date on vaccinations and wormings when they go home. Puppies will be vet checked, dna tested and registered with the Pomsky Club of America. They will come with a travel kennel and a 2 year health guarantee.


How do I get on your list?

Go to the Buy a Puppy page where you will find our application. You can copy and paste that into an email or a private message on our facebook page. Email us at apexpomskies@gmail.com. You must place a 500 dollar deposit to be added to our wait list. This is not refundable but it will all be use towards the price of your puppy and it will never expire. The only way you will lose your deposit is if you choose a specific puppy and then back out after we have marked it sold for you. 


Can you ship a puppy to me?

We will not ship our babies cargo. If you cannot come to Phoenix or Prescott, AZ to pick up your puppy we can fly with them to your local airport for $500. If you want to fly to Phoenix to get your puppy we will meet you at the airport and have your puppy ready to go in an airline approved carrier with everything they need for their flight. All you need to do is show up.


Do you know of any breeders closer to me?

You can check pomskyclubofamerica.org every so often for new breeders. I will not refer you to any breeders not listed on this site. I have heard of all kinds of pomsky scams and would advise you to be very cautious. You will more than likely have need to be patient if you really want a quality pomsky. Just remember that if it sounds too good to be true it's probably a scam. Also be sure to look at the parents of the puppies and a breeder's past puppies as adults to be sure you will like how your puppy looks after it is grown. Unfortunately most breeders are not putting a lot of research or money in to their pomskies and they may be cute as puppies but will end up looking more like a pound dog than a designer dog.



How does your waiting list work?

When puppies are about 4 weeks old and we can tell their eye color I will post photos and videos and have people choose puppies in the order deposits were recieved. We do not charge pick of litter fees. If you want 1st pick you can always roll your deposit to the next litter and be higher up on the list. I always reserve the right to keep puppies for my program and for the breeders we work with and trade with for outcrosses. I will take my pick or picks before the list begins choosing. You must pay for the puppy in full when you choose your puppy. If pups are not paid in full by 6 weeks of age you forfeit the puppy and your deposit. We need time to make arrangements to send them home at 8 weeks so we need to know for sure that the sale will go through at 6 weeks.


How long will I have to wait for a puppy?

I try to only take deposits that can be filled within 6 months. That being said, it is impossible to predict litter size or when a female will not get pregnant. I get a lot of pressure to take deposits because people want to be assured they will get a puppy. If you are on my list you WILL get a puppy and will not ever be pressured to settle for less than your dream pomsky.


Why do your puppies cost so much?

I get this question a lot. People even get angry because we are charging more for "mutts" than most do for purebreds. Consider this-I am buying purbreds. The best purebreds I can possibly find. I look all over the country for my dogs and spend 1000s not 100s of dollars on them. Not only do I spend more on my dogs than most purebred breeders do but I have to spend ridiculous amounts of time and money to get my dogs pregnant. There is a reason why no one has pomsky puppies and it is not for lack of trying. I spent years researching and then spent 1000s of dollars trying and failing to get my dogs pregnant before I found a reliable breeding protocol. On top of all that I have spent 1000s of hours researching genetics, potential health problems and a whole litany of other topics so that I can make the best possible pomskies. If you do not agree with my prices, you are more than welcome to buy a puppy elsewhere but please do not send rude emails or facebook comments as they will be ignored and you will be promptly banned from commenting. Thank you for all the people who understand what we have put into these dogs and continually stand up for our ethics and intentions.


How big will my pomsky get?

We cannot guarantee size. With pomskies there is always a chance of a throwback so we can have pups well under or over the expected weight range but from what we have seen you can expect a 50/50 to be about 15-25lbs and a 25/75 to be about 10-15lbs. We often have some that end up smaller and have had a few end up a bit bigger.


Do pomskies have any health problems?

So far we have not seen any health problems but this is a brand new hybrid and we still have a lot to learn. We do a 2 year health guarantee and ask for an update every 6 months for this 2 year period for all of our puppies so that if health issues do arise we will know about them and they can be addressed.


Where are you located?

We are 2 hours north of Phoenix, Arizona in Prescott where the weather is perfect for our fluffy dogs but we can deliver to the continental US for 500 if you cannot come to AZ to pick up your puppy. We can also meet you at the Phoenix airport with the puppy if you want to fly in and then fly back home with the puppy in cabin. This is usually about 100 dollars in addition to the cost of your plane ticket. I know Southwest has a good program for it.


Do pomskies shed?

Pomsky coats are typically somewhere between a husky coat and a pomeranian coat. They are soft and fluffy but have a silky quality that most pom coats lack. Most the dead hairs will sit in the coat until you brush them out so shedding is not a big issue with regular brushing. They do blow coat in the Summer and for about a month they will shed like crazy, but again, this can be controlled with more frequent brushing.


What are temperaments of pomskies like?

Pomsky personalities will vary but they all have some pom traits and some husky traits. They are very smart and easy to train. They typically will howl like huskies but only on occasion. They are much more focused on their human family and less independent than your typical husky but do not always have to be underfoot like your typical pomeranian. They can be escpape artists like huskies but do not wander to the same degree. You will want to be sure your yard is secure but fortunately they cannot jump high fences like huskies due to their small size. They are very active but can get a good workout in a decent sized yard. They make great running buddies. I can't wear out my huskies by my pomskies keep great pace with me. They are GREAT with kids. All the love and playfulness of a husky without the weigh to knock the little ones off their feet (:


How do you breed a husky with a pomeranian?

All our breedings are done with a husky female and a pomeranian male. We do not do natural breedings as they would be ineffcetive and dangerous. It is all done through artificial insemination. We have a great deal of knowledge and experience with ais and follow a strict protocol of testing and quality assurance to assure the safety of our dogs and the best possible chance of pregnancy.


What if we want to breed our pomsky?

Most of our puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter agreement.  We will occasionally sell to breeders but there is an additional fee and we are very particular about who we give breeding rights to. Anyone considering buying a puppy as a pet and then secretly breeding it should know that we require proof of spay and neuter by 6 months of age. If this is not provided we will prosecute you to the full extent of the law and you could lose your pomsky and not get any money back because you will be in breech of contract. If surgery must be delayed because the puppy is sick we require proof of this from your vet as well as their contact information to verify. We do not allow people to keep their pets intact because they feel that fixing them is cruel. So please do not ask. Any vet will tell you that early spay and neuter is not only healthy for the dog but will make training and getting along with other animals much easier.

Can we come visit to meet a pomsky and see what they are really like?

Unfortunately this is just not realistic for us due to the popularity of our dogs. Our home would be a zoo if we allowed this. Also it would be very stressful for our mother dogs to have strangers coming through all the time. Also, with the way the world is today you just cannot be too careful and the safety of our dogs and family have to come first. We have had families come to our home to pick up there puppies and if you purchase a puppy from us you are welcome to do so as well. We put a lot of time and money into ensuring our dogs have a happy life and have nothing to hide. Our dogs all have access to the indoors where they have air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. They also have big, grassy yards to play in. Our puppies are raised in our home. We have a big room I call the nursery and a big grassy yard for the babies to play in when they get big enough. We do all kinds of socialization to make sure your puppy is confident and friendly. 



Located in Prescott, AZ


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