How to buy an Apex pomsky

We will have puppies coming available all throughout the winter. If you want to buy one of them or join our wait list please copy and paste this application and email it with answers to or send it in a facebook message to our facebook page.


If you would like to apply for our wait list please copy and paste the application below into a facebook message at or send it in an email to

1. Name, phone number, email, city and state of residence.

2. Please give us some basic information about your home, family, pets and career.

3. Have you ever raised a puppy before?

4. Name and number of your veterinarian if applicable.

5. Will you sign a strict spay neuter agreement or are you hoping to breed your pomsky?

6. Do you plan to come to Prescott, AZ for pickup, fly in to Phoenix or will you need your puppy hand delivered to an airport near you?

7. What are you wanting in a puppy with regards to gender, color, markings, size, eye color, etc? Also, what is your budget for a puppy if applicable.

It is very helpful to read our QandA page before applying so you are familiar with our business practices. Thank you.

Pomsky Puppy Care Sheet

We work very hard to give our puppies the best possible start in life. We only feed grain free kibble. The best all around kibble I have found for our dogs is the Nature's Domain grain free line they sell at Costco or online. If you do not shop at Costco there are many other great grain free kibbles. I would recommend researching any food you are considering at Also, keep in mind some kibbles have been too rich for some of our puppies so the highest fat and protein content will not be ideal for every dog. We will include a small bag of Natures Domain with each puppy so you can slowly switch them over if needed. We also are there from the moment the puppies are born and we work with them daily on the basics so they learn to come when called, enjoy being held and even use a dog door to potty outside. They typically are 100% accident free by 6 weeks old. They will still need to learn the new routine at their new house and will not be potty trained completely unless you have a setup like ours where they have one small room indoors with a dog door to get outside but having this foundation makes a world of difference even if you do not have a dog door because they will strongly prefer to potty outdoors. 

All our puppies see the vet for their first shots and a health check when they are 7 weeks old. They will need to be vaccinated again at 10, 13 and 16 weeks before they have full immunity from deadly diseases like parvo that can survive in the dirt for years so I ask that my families not let them touch the ground anywhere you do not know for sure has been disease free for at least a few years. If you have a fenced backyard that should be fine. If you are concerned your yard may not be safe You can set up a puppy exercise pen and use a 30 to 1 water to bleach mixture to kill anything that may be in the pen then rinse well after it sits for 10 mins. If it is dirt or grass be sure it really soaks in. if you rinse well enough after the grass is usually fine. A puppy pen can actually be a great tool for potty training too because there are no distractions. I will set them down and say "potty" until they go then I will say it again in a congratulatory tone as they potty and reward them with affection and/or small treats immediatly after. Teaching your pomsky to potty on command can be very useful when you are not at home.

Do not let your puppy run all over the house unsupervised. Not only will they most likely have accidents and develop bad habits but they will be just like a toddler for a few months and want to chew everything including cords and other dangerous things. Having a safe, puppy proofed area full of toys and bones that are good for your pomsky puppy to chew is ideal. Then when you see them trying to chew something they shouldn't you can firmly say NO and redirect them to their toys. It is very normal for puppies to try to chew on humans as well and I have found that the best way to stop this behavior is not punishment because they just see that as you playing rough right back usually. If you watch puppies playing when one bites too hard the other will make a high pitched yelp. This is the best way to let them know they are hurting you and you are not playing. Also, if you do it right the sound hurts their ears as well so it is very effective. 

Recommended items:

-crate that can be easily cleaned if they have accidents

-blankets or towels for bedding (I would wait until they are done teething to provide a stuffed bed as its hard for them to resist chewing)

-puppy pen (not necessary but very useful)

-Natures Domain or other grain free puppy kibble (I really don't like giving dogs soft dog food regularly as it is bad for their teeth. Instead I would recommend treats that help clean their teeth and help get the chewing out of their system)

-Treats like smoked bones with just a bit of meat on them and bully sticks are great for chewing and entertaining them if you have to leave your pomsky puppy alone for a while. Never give them cooked bones as they can splinter and are a choking hazard and always err on the side of the bone being too big when you buy them smoked bones. Also, avoid anything containing rawhide. It is so dangerous. And lastly, be sure no toys have small eyes or parts they could chew off and choke on. Pomskies typically love toys of all kinds but they all have their favorites so try different things and they will let you know what they like.

-Slicker brushes (the ones with thin metal bristles) are my favorite for preventing mats. weekly brushing is plenty but you can brush more if you like. It will get the dead hairs out so they are not all over your house. When you have a full grown pomsky they may need an undercoat rake as well depending how full their coat is. 

-A moisturizing shampoo is ideal since they tend to get dry skin. I use my shampoo because it is way better than any dog shampoo and I like how it makes their coats feel. You shouldn't need to bathe your pomsky more than once a month unless they get dirty. Their coats tend to be silky enough that you can brush out most of the dirt and debris in their coat with ease.

-Nail clippers. We start clipping their nails from a very young age so they are really good about that when they leave here. continuing to clip their nails regularly will ensure they continue to feel comfortable with this. Also, being very careful not to cut the quick within the nail will help them trust you when you do this. If they are getting upset when you trim their nails your clippers may be too dull and squeezing the nail before they cut. Typically they are very relaxed when we clip their nails.

-Probiotics. I love, love probiotics. Especially when your pomsky puppy is adjusting to a new environment and possibly new food along with vaccines and other stresses on their system, probiotics really help keep them feeling their best and keep their stools solid. They love Fortiflora. you just sprinkle a packet on their kibble once a day during stressful times or if you notice loose stools. They sell fortiflora packets on Amazon and at many walmarts. Plain canned pumpkin can also help with loose stools and most pomskies love it.


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